Livefyre Introduces New Version of Storify in the Engagement Cloud

Storify2 Social Search

A couple of years ago, Livefyre acquired Storify and while you can still subscribe to the free service, there's a new version now available within the Livefyre Engagement Suite. This one is called Storify2 and it has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on the newsroom. The scenario

Transparency: You’re Already Naked… Embrace It


There was a point in time when a prospect’s knowledge of a product extended only as far as the vendor allowed. This exclusive relationship between buyer and seller allowed vendors to be selective with the information they provided and left buyers in the dark. That was just how it was

Recent AdWords Updates Provide Tools for Advanced Marketers

AdWords Updates

AdWords has announced several changes to its advertising platform over the past few months. And when you look at the changes as a group, they seem to point toward a larger vision that has AdWords catering to a more advanced marketing audience. As the digital marketing landscape grows ever more complex,

Livefyre Engagement Cloud Brings User Generated Content to the Brand Website

social media news from Livefyre

If you are a marketer then you know how important digital experiences are to your brand. Most of the time you think about how your organization can improve the experience and build a stronger relationship with your customers. But you also understand that thanks to social media, there are a

Acquia’s New Content Hub Helps You Easily Distribute Content

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Acquia is adding to its list of content management services by offering a content discovery and distribution service called the Acquia Content Hub. The Content Hub is based on the idea that organizations have a whole lot of content distributed in many different locations, and they need a way to find

Sitecore 8.1 Enhances Contextual Marketing, Improves Pricing & Deployment Models

Sitecore 8.1

Today Sitecore announces the latest version of its digital experience management software and there are a few changes worth talking about. The big sell for Sitecore these days is its focus on contextual marketing - leveraging its growing xDB (Experience Database), something that is highly demanded and hard to do. In

DataSift Helps You Gain Expert Insights From Social Data

Datasift & social data intelligence

Probably the biggest discussions that happen around customer experience today are about data. How do you sift through what can be potentially millions (or billions) of data streams and pull out the relevant information you need to improve your customer experiences? And, how does your marketing team do it without

Podcast: SDL’s Dominique LeBlond Talks Digital Experience

Digital experience podcast

Dominque LeBlond knows a little bit about the web content management industry. After all, he's been involved in it for almost twenty years, including working on the Tridion WCM before SDL acquired it, and as  Principal Architect of Backbase, a portal platform. Today, LeBlond is the SVP of Product Marketing

Oracle Acquires Maxymiser Adding Testing, Targeting & Personalization to the Marketing Cloud

Oracle Acquires Maxymiser

Big announcement from Oracle today - it has acquired Maxymiser, a cloud-based provider of testing, targeting, and personalization services for both web and mobile customer experiences. Maxymiser joins the Oracle Marketing Cloud once the deal is finalized. Maxymiser brings a range of optimization capabilities to the Oracle Marketing Cloud including: A/B and Multivariate